Zinaida Kazban

Although Zinaida graduated in Computer Science and started her career in a bank, she returned to her life-long passion of needlework and has never looked back. Zina received commissions and worked on a variety of projects before applying and being accepted on to the RSN’s Future Tutors programme.

Zinaida is interested in creating new designs whilst using a variety of embroidery techniques, which won her first prize in 2016’s Inspiration Magazine design competition.

Zinaida has taught classes for the RSN in the UK and on the BA (Hons) Degree and she works in the RSN Embroidery Studio at Hampton Court Palace. She has worked on a variety of restoration projects and taken part in a number of collaborative projects for Burberry, HBO’s Game of Thrones and renowned Neo Pop Artist Philip Colbert.

Zinaida is always looking for opportunities to learn something new about embroidery. Among other things, she has attended Japanese embroidery classes and learned from Michele Carragher, Principal Costume Embroiderer for a number of HBO’s television series. Zinaida is also very enthusiastic about silk ribbon embroidery and, since 2011, runs a small business producing and selling hand-dyed silk ribbons and ribbon embroidery kits.