Wedding Season at our Embroidery Studio

8th December, 2018

Throughout the year, our Embroidery Studio helps create the perfect day for many brides by cleaning and repairing that precious wedding veil which is passed down through the generations.  February onwards usually sees the start of the ‘wedding season’ for our team, closely followed by the start of repairs to Christening robes!

This year, the RSN Studio had a very delicate and beautiful veil brought to us for support and repair. The veil belonged to the customer’s grandmother and dated back to the 1920s when the grandmother had worn it for her wedding. Since then the veil had proudly featured in both the customer and her mother’s wedding day. This year the customer’s daughter was planning to wear it for her special day, making it part of the celebrations for four generations.

The veil was made of silk Tulle and net embroidered in silk with a pretty design in each corner and fine border. The veil had previously been gathered into an area that could be attached into the hair, but the Tulle had become quite fragile and developed some bad tears particularly where the net was gathered and hair pins had been used.

The best way to treat the veil was to support it onto white conservation net and secure it throughout. This could only be undertaken when the veil was flat so the existing gathers were removed and marked.  Once the veil was supported, the team were able to replace the gathers in the correct position and add a hair comb. By using a hair comb it reduces the need for hairpins so less of a risk to the veil.

As you will see from the images the bride and of course the veil, looked absolutely stunning on the day. The veil will be stored away safely for the next generation to wear!

If you have a veil or christening robe that needs repair, please email our specialist Embroidery Studio: [email protected]