It has been the greatest honour and pleasure to work on regalia for the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.  It is wonderful to showcase to the world the expertise and skill of our Embroidery Studio team and to know that our work will be forever captured in history. We are all so proud to be part of this historic journey and hope the work we have produced will inspire many existing and future embroiderers too.  The Royal School of Needlework embroidered 9 pieces for the 2023 Coronation – The King’s Robe of State; The Queen’s Robe of Estate; The Anointing Screen; The Stole Royal and Girdle; The Chairs of Estate and The Chairs of State.

The King’s Robe of State

The RSN  conserved the Robe of State of The King, which was worn by His Majesty on arrival at Westminster Abbey.

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The Queen’s Robe of Estate

The RSN designed and hand embroidered the Robe of Estate for Her Majesty, worn on departure from Westminster Abbey. The embroidered design of the train draws on the themes of nature and the environment, featuring the national emblems of the United Kingdom, as well as paying tribute to His Majesty The King.

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The Anointing Screen

The Anointing Screen has been brought to life through embroidery, managed by the Royal School of Needlework. The central design takes the form of a tree with 56 leaves, representing the 56 member countries of the Commonwealth.

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The Stole Royal and Girdle

The Stole Royal was newly created and embroidered by the RSN.  The design was Inspired by the Stole worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and features a series of roundels set in a gold chain framework and applied to cloth of gold.  Each roundel features an embroidered image.  The RSN also conserved and renovated the Coronation Sword Belt, known as The Girdle.

Image credit: Prudence Cuming Fine Art Photography courtesy of The Girdlers’ Company

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Four Historic Chairs

In the interests of sustainability, Their Majesties chose to use Chairs of Estate and Throne Chairs made for previous Coronations. The RSN hand embroidered new cyphers for the Chairs of Estate and a new Coat of Arms for Her Majesty’s Throne Chair.  In addition, the RSN conserved the original embroidered Coat of Arms on His Majesty’s Throne Chair.

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