The Diploma course progresses you on from the basic skills gained in the Certificate course giving you the opportunity to further develop your skills and increase your knowledge. Classes are taught by our team of expert tutors, each with a minimum of three years professional training at the RSN.

The programme is flexible with a range of dates and days available to complete the courses allowing you to fit the course around current work or family commitments. Organised consistency is the key with this course.

Students who have completed our Certificate and Diploma Courses in Technical Hand Embroidery have gone on to use their skills as designers and embroiderers on private and public commissions including community textile projects, work for churches, cathedrals and religious buildings as well as in fashion.

Please note: Students cannot start the Diploma course without first completing the Certificate course.

Diploma Course Structure

There are six modules to complete:

  • Applique
  • Advanced Silk Shading
  • Advanced Goldwork
  • Canvas Stitch or Blackwork (whichever technique was not studied for your Certificate level)

Followed by two further modules chosen from this list:

  • Canvas Shading
  • Stumpwork
  • Creative Metal Thread
  • Tassels & Cords (at Hampton Court Palace only)
  • Whitework (Pulled & Drawn Thread)*
  • Whitework (Broderie Anglaise & Richelieu)*
  • Quilting (English, Italian & Trapunto)
  • Box Construction**

Please note:

* If you wish to progress onto our Advanced Diploma course in Advanced Whitework, you must choose both Whitework (Pulled & Drawn Thread) and Whitework (Broderie Anglaise & Richelieu) as your two optional Diploma modules.

**If you wish to progress onto our Advanced Diploma course in Advanced Box Making, we recommend you choose Box Construction as one of your optional Diploma modules.


Technique Duration Training Days
Applique Minimum 8 days Mon-Sun
Advanced Silk Shading Minimum 8 days Mon-Sun
Advanced Goldwork Minimum 8 days Mon-Sun
Canvas Stitch or Blackwork                            (choose whichever technique was not studied for your Certificate) Minimum 8 days Mon-Sun
Then a choice of two of the following:
Canvas Shading 8 days Mon-Sun
Stumpwork 8 days Mon-Sun
Creative Metal Thread 8 days Mon-Sun
Tassels & Cords (at Hampton Court Palace only) 4 days Mon-Sun
Whitework (Pulled & Drawn Thread)* 8 days Mon-Sun
Whitework (Broderie Anglaise & Richelieu)* 8 days Mon-Sun
Quilting 8 days Mon-Sun
Box Construction** 8 days Mon-Sun

Allow roughly the same days of homework in between, so there is a minimum of 48 days needed to complete the Certificate (or 44 days if one of your optional modules is Tassels & Cords).

The classes are mixed ability so you can start whenever is convenient for you within the term, but you must have completed and passed our Certificate course first. The course has assessment slots for students’ work at the end of each term.

Course Duration

You have 5 years to complete the Diploma. The average time to complete the course however is usually around 2 years. We recommend that you commit to doing a class at least once every two weeks (dependent on your satellite) to get the maximum benefit from your training. Consistency is what will give you best out of the programme.

There is also an option to do a summer intensive at Hampton Court which runs from June – August and can complete one or several modules at once – but they are very intense! We also offer an intensive course in Williamsburg, Virginia.

You could do a combination of normal academic teaching days and intensive courses to complete the course. This is an assessed programme.


You can opt to pay per day, per module or for the whole course in full.

  • Per day: £139
  • Per Module: £1,112 (total of 1 module)
  • Payment in full: £6,672 (total of 6 modules)

Any materials required will be ready for you in the classroom and will include everything that you need to get started.

Next Steps

You’ll need to have completed the Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery before you can do the Diploma. If you have already completed the Certificate course, you can book straight onto the Diploma courses via Bookeo.

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If you’ve not yet undertaken the Certificate course and are considering starting then we invite you to attend one of our Open Days.

You’ll visit our beautiful apartments in the historic Hampton Court Palace, or one of our other satellites. We’ll introduce you to the programme and some of the tutors as well as giving you the tour of our rooms and prestigious embroidery studio for some inspiration!

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