Jan Celocia

Jan Celocia relates to things about which he is passionate, most notably his collection of vintage costume jewellery, sourced from charity shops. The jewellery would have been used for different occasions, in different shapes and forms for each wearer. Jan considers that jewellery, as an object, transforms the wearer.

Throughout Jan’s practice, he creates observational studies of the jewellery, which is developed using digital technology combined with traditional hand embroidery processes.

Jan applies an openness to his practice by bridging the contemporary and the traditional.

The idea of visible and hidden stitches has resonated in Jan’s practice. He states: “The beauty of embroidery is that it offers a never-ending possibility of opportunities.” Reflecting upon all he has learnt during the three years of his RSN Degree studies, Jan has utilised Whitework embroidery, Goldwork, Tambour and Raised Work techniques, and Crewelwork stitches in this collection, ‘Metamorphosis’.

Throughout all of his study at the RSN, Jan has welcomed the freedom to express his own creativity in embroidery and design both digitally and traditionally.

Jan finds his inspiration and aspiration from within, which includes beliefs that he is dedicated and passionate about.

This includes the teaching of the Royal School of Needlework and museum visits. The exhibition in the V&A London, ‘Tim Walker Wonderful Things’, has encouraged Jan to pursue combining both traditional and contemporary that brings disciplines in different creative elements together in harmony.

The advice Jan offers to future RSN Degree students is, “Be yourself. Celebrate creativity and, in turn, this will enable you to develop your own original visual language. Expand your knowledge through workshops and networking, and apply this new found knowledge to your own creative practice. Be free and open, be diligent – it is your creation, allow your creativity to come to life!”


You can follow Jan on his Instagram page.



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