Information for schools and colleges

We welcome visits from staff and students to the RSN degree programme at Hampton Court Palace. It is the best way for you and your students to gain a first hand experience of what it is like to study and to be a student here at the RSN.

A visit also gives you the opportunity to meet with staff and students, to discuss the syllabus and to hear about our extensive network of contacts and collaborations within the creative industries.

Visiting us also helps to shed any preconceived ideas that your students may have about hand embroidery. We are a vibrant community of practitioners engaged with a traditional craft using contemporary approaches to materials and concepts which firmly locates hand embroidery within art and design practice of the 21st C.

Being a student at the RSN is like no other student experience within Higher Education. You become a part of the day to day ‘living history’ whilst studying here in a Palace. Walking through Fountain Court on a daily basis, you will meet Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – at least once a week…Combine this with working within apartments designed by Sir Christopher Wren – and this makes for a far from average place to study for your degree.

We have recently begun to work directly with staff and students from FE Foundation Diploma courses in Art and Design and from A-level Sixth Form Colleges and Schools to devise ‘Taster Day’ sessions here at the RSN. We will work with you to develop a mutually agreed timetable for a day or half day workshop session, learning new experimental approaches to stitch. It allows your students the opportunity to engage with us, the academic staff and students here at Hampton Court Palace.

We would recommend group sizes of a maximum of twelve students accompanied by a member of staff. If you have only a small student group then we may look to join smaller groups together to make a group of twelve maximum for the day. Some groups have previously come equipped with their own materials to work on for the day, or we may request a small cover charge for materials for the day.

If your educational establishment is holding a Careers Day for your students then there may be a possibility that we can offer a presentation about the course to your interested students, or we can send you some information.