New Embroidery Exhibition

17th April, 2024

To celebrate the launch of the Collections website, we are delighted to announce that we will be curating a new exhibition to showcase many of the first 100 pieces that have been digitised and catalogued. The new exhibition, Tales of Textiles: The RSN Collection in Focus, opens from 25 September 2024 – June 2025 at Hampton Court Palace.

Tales of Textiles: The RSN Collection in Focus highlights the life of these key pieces, providing an opportunity to see them up close and hear their stories. Objects on display will span three centuries and tell a story of wear and use, protection and care, tradition and innovation, and about stitchers, both domestic and professional. Exhibits will include an embroidered mirror frame dated 1653, a Georgian man’s waistcoat, and a late 19th century Royal School of Needlework-designed cushion cover pictured below.

RSN Curator, Dr Isabella Rosner:

“Through these pieces we see not only connections between who embroiders and who uses embroidery, but also the ever present hand of the maker and the user, their humanity evident in every stitch. Although this exhibition’s focus is on the UK and English embroidery, it will include embroidered objects from all around the world which influenced how Englishwomen and men approached needlework.”

The exhibition is only open on set days and each session is restricted to a maximum of 15 visitors. The visit includes an overview of the exhibition by a RSN member of staff and a tour guide to highlight the different exhibits. Individual, Curator and Group Tickets are available. Prices start from £25 per ticket. The Curator Talks will be led by RSN Curator, Isabella Rosner. For bookings visit  Early booking is recommended.

The Royal School of Needlework is home to more than 10,000 unique and priceless pieces capturing the passion for embroidery throughout history. From intricate hand-embroidered artwork on clothes and textiles to beautiful designs and the RSN’s development documented through papers, books, and photos. The items have been collected and donated from all over the world.