Day Class Spaces in August

10th August, 2020

There are a few remaining spaces on the following Embroidery Classes at Hampton Court Palace and also Online:

This two day class takes place at Hampton Court Palace, exploring many of the stitches and techniques used in traditional Crewelwork embroidery.

• Introduction to Embroidery: ‘Koi Pond’ (Saturday 22 August)

This is an Online Class (3pm – 9pm UK BST) perfect for beginners to embroidery, teaching Stem Stich, French Knots, Seeding and Woven Wheels.

This Online Class will introduce you to range of Raised Embroidery Techniques, including Buttonhole Stitch, Pearl Purl and how to apply felt padding.

It was wonderful to hear from one of our new online students who has taken several classes and had this to say following her last Online Class:

“During lockdown I have been on quite a few RSN Online Classes and I have absolutely loved them, I’ve made a flamingo, an apple tree, learnt how to draw flowers and have now just got my head around colour theory! It has been amazing and I can’t wait to do more. With it all being online, it has enabled me to access these courses without the additional cost of travel which has been a massive help in me being able to afford these, so thank you.”

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