Feel part of something bigger, meet with new people onsite or online, have an enjoyable few days to do something you love and join us for the RSN International Summer School 2024.

Important Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We strongly recommend that you read this page carefully before booking for the RSN International Summer School 2024.

When is the RSN International Summer School being held?

The RSN International Summer School 2024 is taking place in July and August 2024.

Where is the RSN International Summer School being held?

This year, a mixture of live classes are being held onsite in Lexington, USA, Hampton Court Palace, UK, and Durham, UK, as well as online via Zoom. For online classes, there are separate itineraries and sessions across different International time zones:

Are any classes being held in person?

Yes. This year we are delighted to be able to offer three onsite venues:

    • Sayre School, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
    • Hampton Court Place, UK
    • Tracy A Franklin Studio, Durham, UK

What classes are available?

Please see our full class list here.

Can I book with a US or other International credit card? What currency will I be charged in?

Yes, you can use a US or other International credit card but please note that all pricing is in UK Pounds Sterling (UK£). If you use a credit card to book then your card will be charged in UK£ which your card provider will translate to your local currency at their prevailing rates at the time of booking.

IMPORTANT — If using a non-UK credit-card we very strongly recommend that you inform your bank or card provider of your intention to book with us in advance of booking to ensure a smooth international transaction.

An alternative is to use Paypal — setting up a Paypal account is quick and easy (although we would recommend setting up any new account well in advance to be ready!)

Please note: processing your booking can take a little time (30-60 seconds). In the checkout, please only press the button to place your booking ONCE to avoid issues. Thank you.

What Level: Beginner, Mixed Ability, Intermediate or Advanced?

  • Beginners – for complete embroidery beginners, or if you are a little ‘rusty’, or if you just prefer to start at the beginning again (which is a very good place to start!).
  • Mixed Ability – suitable for all abilities together as this design can be adapted to meet your level of experience.
  • Intermediate – perfect for students who have already attended an ‘Introduction’ or ‘Mixed Ability’ class.
  • Advanced – for those with experience in the technique and looking to develop.

How are the sessions structured?

Classes range from two to five days, with classes consisting of a varying number of teaching hours per day. Please see the class descriptions for full details.

Please note: All Lexington classes are scheduled in US Eastern time (ET). All UK and Online classes are scheduled in UK local time (BST). If you are outside of the UK please check your local time. To check and convert times please visit TimeAndDate.com.

Can I book classes across schedules/time zones?

Yes, you can book online classes for whichever time suits you best!

All onsite classes in Lexington are at specific US Eastern (ET) times. All onsite classes at Hampton Court Palace and Tracy A Franklin Studio, Durham, plus all Online classes, are at specific UK times.

How are the classes being delivered?

Onsite: The classes will be taught face-to-face in the classroom at the Sayre School,  in Lexington, USA, Hampton Court Palace, UK or at Tracy A Franklin Studio, UK.

Online: We are using Zoom.  You will need a computer (Windows or Mac) or and iPad/Tablet (IOS or Android) to take part. Whilst possible, we do not recommend joining classes on a phone due to the small screen size. For more details please see our Online instructions page.

Are all materials and kits included in the cost?

Yes, for all classes a kit with the required materials is included in the cost. For online classes, this kit will be shipped to you in advance of the event.

You will be informed of what other items (such as scissors or frames) you need to have at hand.

What other talks or events are included?

Other Events and Talks will be announced shortly!

Do I need to be registered on the website to book?

Yes, you do.  There are options on the site checkout page to either register (a new account and password) or sign in (to an existing account). However, we strongly recommend that you register and/or sign in to your account PRIOR to checkout.

Registration only requires your name, email address and for you to add a password of your choice. We do not require any further information for basic registration, although we hope you also consider signing up for our regular eNews newsletter!

What is 'Priority Booking'?

Priority Booking of classes is available to all RSN Friends, plus all those who booked our cancelled ‘USA 2020’ summer school, for one week prior to General Availability.

What is the 'Early Bird' pricing?

‘Early Bird’ special pricing applies to all bookings made before Sunday 31 March 2024. From this date, standard pricing will apply.

Are there discounts for booking multiple classes?

Yes. If you book two International Summer School classes on the same order you will automatically receive a £80 discount at the checkout. If you book three or more classes on the same order you will automatically receive a £160 discount at the checkout.

These discounts are in addition to any ‘Early Bird’ and ‘Friends’ discounts which may apply.

Please note that to qualify for the discount classes must be booked at the same time on the same checkout order. The discount only applies to International Summer School classes (codes starting ‘SS24’) and not any other RSN Classes either online or in-person.

Is food and accommodation included in Lexington?

The RSN are unfortunately unable to provide food and accommodation for those attending the Summer School in Lexington.  Information about hotels and places to stay in Lexington can be found here:

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in Lexington Kentucky – VisitLEX



Can I reserve a class (or classes) and pay later?

No, it is not possible to reserve classes for later payment. Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be paid for at the time of booking. You place is confirmed once your booking and payment is complete.

I have credit from the cancelled 'USA 2020' event - how do I use it?

If you have credit from our ‘USA 2020’ event, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you should find this in your account ‘Wallet’.

You can see your current ‘Wallet’ balance on your Account Dashboard page.

To use your credit, please see How do I use my Shop Credit (‘Wallet’) ? on our Shop FAQ page.

What is the refund policy?

All bookings are non-refundable.

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected]. Thank you.