Facebook Information

26th October, 2020

Facebook New Algorithm & News Feed Preferences

We have a lively feed on both our Facebook and Instagram accounts but we recently learnt that Facebook has changed its algorithm which does not guarantee that all of our Followers will see the RSN daily posts as often as they did in the past.  There is, however, a way around managing your News Feed preferences, guaranteeing receipt of our posts at the top of your Facebook feed.  Please do the following:

• To view your News Feed preferences, click the downward facing arrow on the top right hand side of your Facebook screen.

• Select Settings and Privacy.

• Click on News Feed Preferences.

• You then click on Manage Favourites to select people and Pages that you want to prioritise which means that their posts will be shown higher in your News Feed.

We hope that you have found this useful and look forward to your engaging more with us on our social platforms!