Exhibition at UCA Farnham

1st September, 2020

RSN Degree Student, Sabina Lima, will have her mixed media piece entitled ‘Without the WILD there is no LIFE’ exhibited at the UCA Farnham exhibition ‘Out of Isolation’ from 14 September – 2 November.

University for the Creative Arts (UCA) is the validating university for the RSN Degree, BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery.  They invited UCA students, graduates and members of staff to submit artworks which portray the way in which they have had to adapt to new ways of making and producing artworks that directly respond to their isolated circumstances.

Sabina’s piece is a textile design printed on cotton drill, with hand embroidered stitches. Sabina says, “Sometimes we are only able to look at one side of the coin. If we find ourselves overall happy and content in life, it can be difficult to relate to those around us who suffer from loneliness. If we are healthy and lucky to live in a liberal society, it can be hard to understand what it must be like to live with constant fear of dying or in a state of oppression.

It always hurts to see animals in captivity for people’s entertainment, profit or vanity. Sadly, this is still all too prevalent, and most people don’t seem to pay much attention.

As a metaphor for release or freedom, ‘Out of Isolation’ fits with the subject of my work, which is to raise awareness for the liberation of wildlife. The hero element in the composition is a void, a Macaw bird, ripped out of its environment.  We only deserve to benefit and enjoy our freedom when we are prepared to give the same freedom to others, including animals. We must stop destroying nature, respect its boundaries and work towards ending the commercial wildlife trade.”

You can follow Sabina’s Instagram page for further information and the UCA website.